Wider towards an ever greener system: the thermionic converter

//Wider towards an ever greener system: the thermionic converter

Wider towards an ever greener system: the thermionic converter

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Wider, the first shipyard to use a hybrid serial propulsion, will adopt a new green technology: it is the thermionic converter. To announce, before the outbreak of the pandemic, the President of Wider, Marcello Maggi.

The thermionic converter is able to convert heat into electricity statically, that is, without the need for moving elements.

It consists of two metal plates separated by a space where the void is recreated: one of the two plates is subjected to high temperatures thus pushing the electrons on its surface to move away until they reach the second plate that is still cold, thus producing electricity.

Small and light, the thermionic converters can be designed in various shapes to be able to adapt to any heat source and transform it into electricity.

Historically, they were used to supply energy to satellites as they are extremely compact devices and require practically no maintenance. For many years, however, the low energy conversion efficiency (4%) and the need for very high temperatures (> 1800 C °) have practically prevented its application. By revolutionizing the materials used and developing new system architectures, Wider together with Fintel Energia Group SpA has managed to increase the yield of> 20x and lower the activation temperature. The resulting technology is finally compatible for use in thousands of applications and represents the first commercially viable combined heat-energy solution.

The shipyard of the Marche region will have this exclusive technology and will probably be able to apply it already on the next boats planned, namely Wider 180 and Wider 135 .